S H I P.....P H O T O S

A - Amenity America - B B C - Chena Cherokee - D D
E - Empire Empress - F F G H I
J K L M - Mayo McDowell - N N
O P - Pobeda Pocahontas - Q Q R S - Shwedacom
Sibajak - T T U or V W or X Y or Z  


Name Type S/L Source Page Size B/W Color Notes
Kalakala Ferry B Shipping Wonders of the World 654 1/5 B Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea look-alike

The preceding links list sources where pictures can be found
of particular ships. The list is organized alphabetically (Col. 1) by
first name of the ship. Probably 95+% of the listings are photos
but there are a few references to fine oil or watercolor paintings.
Next, the type of ship is given. There is some variation in the
type classification for some vessels. This may reflect the evolu-
tion of some ships from straight-deck bulk carriers to self
unloaders etc.; or may be different author's interpretaitons of
the vessel...Crane Ship vs. Wood Pulp Carrier, etc. Also, what
are Crane Ships to enthusiasts may be Break Bulk Carriers to
professional shipping consultants

Some attempt has been made to classify ships as Lakers/Salties/
Riverine/Harbor(close)/Bay(distant)/ etc with one letter identifiers:
L, S, R, H, B, etc. These are totally subjective and pertain wholly
to my shallow understanding of the vessels.

Next, the source is given...Book Title, Page Number, Relative Size,
and whether the picture is Black and White or Color. The relative
size is an off-the-cuff estimation of how much space the picture takes
up on the page... 1/30 or thereabouts is the smallest, I believe, and
"Double" means that the picture takes up both pages of an open book.
"Full" is just one side of an open book. A small "v" means "various"...
that there is more than one photo present. The ~ symbol is used inter-
changably as "about/approximately" and as a substitute for the word

For more information on a particular source, go to Bibliography

I have tried to keep the fractions simple... 2/5 (40%), 3/5 (60%), 1/12
(~ 8%), and 7/8 (87.5%) being the most complicated. You will undoubtedly
find smaller pictures that I guessed at 1/3 page and larger pictures that
I guessed at 1/4 page. I tried to be as consistent as I could.

Finally, there is a notes column...this may be a description of the
picture, a listing of sister ships, a tonnage notation, or a wisecrack,

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