Alcoa S.S. Co.
Algoma Central
American Oil
American S.S. Co.
Ann Arbor Railway
American President Lines
Bayswater Shipping Ltd.
Bethlehem Steel Co.
Black Star Line
Bradley S.S. Co.
Branch Lines Ltd.
British American Trans.
Browning Lines
Buckeye S.S. Co.
Canada S.S. Co.
Canadian Coast Guard
Carryore Limited
Chesapeake and Ohio
Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay
Cleveland Cliffs
Cleveland Tankers
Columbia Transportation
Corps Of Engineers
Erie Sand and S.S. Co.
Ford Motor Co.
Gartland S.S. Co.
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock
Great Lakes Towing
Hall Corp. of Canada
Hanna Mining Co.
Hindman Trans. Co.
Huron Portland Cement
Hycar Line
Imperial Oil Ltd.

Inland Steel Co.
Interlake S.S. Co.
International Harvester
Isthmian Line
Kinsman Marine
Labradoure S.S. Ltd.
Mohawk Navigation
Moran Towing
National Sand and Gravel
N. M. Paterson and Sons
Orient Mideast Lines
Papachristidis Co. Ltd.
Pittsburg Fleet [U.S.S.]
Pringle Barge Co.
Quebec and Ontario Trans.
Reiss Steamship Co.
Reoch S.S. Co.
Republic Steel
Roen S.S. Co.
Saguenay Shipping Co.
Scott Misener S.S. Ltd.
Shell Canadian Tankers
Shenango Furnace
States Marine
Texaco Canada Limited
Tomlinson Fleet Corp.
Upper Lakes Shipping
U.S. Coast Guard
Wilson Marine
Yankcanuck S.S. Ltd.
Yugoslav Great Lakes Line