U.S. Merchant Marine 1972

Ships over 1000 GRT

This is a listing of most U.S. deep
sea and Great Lakes merchant ships,
active or mothballed in 1972, 1000 Gross
Registered Tons or more, and excludes
towboats and fishing vessels.

The information was gathered from


a publication of the Government Printing

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first letter, regardless of proper name.

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Length: The register length of a vessel is the length
measured on the top of the tonnage deck from the fore
part of the outer planking or plating at the bow to the
after part of the sternpost of screw steamers and to the
after part of the rudderpost of other vessels. The register
length is not usually the same as the over-all length nor
the load-water-line length.

Beam: Widest point of the ship measured from outer point of
planking or plating, to corresponding part on opposite side.

Depth: The register depth of a vessel is the depth measured
from the underside of the tonnage deck, amidships, to the
bottom of the hold. The depth is not the draft of a vessel.


  • Brg=Barge
  • Elo=Electric Screw, oil
  • Els=Electric Screw, steam
  • Ols=Oil Screw
  • Stp=Steam Side Wheel
  • Sts=Steam Screw
  • Stw=Steam Stern Wheel


  • Cbl=Cable
  • Exp=Oil Exploitation
  • Fer=Ferry
  • Frt=Freight
  • Msc=Miscellaneous
  • Mus=Museum
  • Pas=Passenger
  • Tnk=Tanker

The Oldest Ships Listed are:
Meteor: 1896
Niagara: 1897
E M Ford: 1898
Clifford F Hood: 1902
Trina: 1902
Lakewood: 1903
J B Ford: 1904
Amasa Stone: 1905
Hennepin: 1905
Nicolet: 1905
R E Webster: 1905
Sylvania: 1905
Milwaukee Clipper: 1905
The Largest Ships GRT (Length) Listed are:
1. Manhattan...............62434..(1)
2. Western Hunter..........41032..(3)
3. National Defender.......40511..(5)
4. United States...........38260..(2)
5. Esso San Francisco......38144..(7)
5. Esso Baton Rouge........38144..(7)
5. Esso Philadelphia.......38144..(7)
6. Joseph D Potts..........37949..(6)
7. Sohio Intrepid..........37784..(6)
7. Sohio Resolute..........37784..(6)
8. America Sun.............37269..(6)
9. Arco Prudhoe Bay........35646..(4)
*Sansinena II holds 4th place length
record with Arco Prudhoe Bay but is
13 GRT less than Arco.

Finally, the most powerful ships are:

1. United States: 173,800 SHP
2. Manhattan: 43,000 SHP
3. Adm Wm M Callaghan: 39,000 BHP
4. Constitution: 37,000 SHP
4. Independence: 37,000 SHP
5. Golden Bear, Pacific Bear,
Thomas E. Cuffe, LASH Italia,
LASH Espana, LASH Turkiye,
SL 180, SL 181, Hawaiian
Enterprise, Hawaiian Progress
..............................32,000 SHP